So on friday, simon came for a tracking session, it was a very productive afternoon with 4 songs tracked, so now the drums have been sent back to the band for them to lay down their respective parts. Then on wednesday russel english the singer is going to pop over for a socially distanced vocal tracking session.

Then it will be time for mixing and mastering. So i think by next week they will have the tracks and when they release i will post here so you guys can have a listen for yourselves.

In other news ive got another track as part of my weekly uploads coming this week.

Also have a client coming later in the week to look at remastering his back catolouge for a spotify release.

This week i will also be doing a how to video on the apollo x8p after a request from one of our viewers about how to set them up with multiple monitors for A/b applications, so stay tuned for that, all those who are interested, and if any of you have any reviews or how to videos you would like me to do then please let me know.

So just a quick update of all things Marler Audio.

I hope your well and staying safe out there.

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