Good morning ladies and gentleman, we hope you are all safe, well, and being creative. There are few things in the pipeline another mix competition in the process with lewitt microphones so for those of you interested in entering a mix competition follow the link.

In regards to this competition our version is nearly ready for submission and will be posted to our soundcloud and youtube channel. We have also hooked up with 4 other online mix and master studios who will also be entering the competition, once they have all submited their mixes, we will all be doing a live strem via marleraudio’s youtube channel where you can meet the other studio engineers and hear their and our submissions back to back with with a discussion on each persons version, we are also looking for audience participation where by you can ask us any questions as well as let us know your thoughts on who you think came out on top. So please stay tuned for updates on this.

And now to the meat and potatoes of the matter, right now on our airgigs page we are offering a crazy crazy lowball price on our basic mix and master package for the next 30 days only. So for just a measly $15 US, you get 1 track up to 10 stems mixed and mastered with 2 revisions. This offer will only be available for the next 30 days so if you wanted to try us out, now is the time, slots are limited so its a first come first served situation.

And that concludes our update for this week, please stay safe out there.

Many thanks


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