Hi guys its been a while, lots of stuff happening in the background at the moment some of which i am really excited to share with you today.

XRP Radio

Firstly this coming Sunday 18th October 2020 @ 8:30pm BST, The Mix Off Monday Crew: Chris Kamery from RedOxide Studio, Frank Leonard Walker, and Myself, Will be joining our amazing and wonderful host Andrew Sharpe for his show Not your usual beat https://www.facebook.com/noturusualbeat over on XRP Radio https://xrpradio.co.uk/#/.

Andrew’s show over the years has been an amazing platform for local unsigned band’s and artists in the Kent area, UK to showcase their work and get airplay on a local station.

We are going to be having a discussion with Andrew about all things Mix Off Monday and how we would like to offer our services to bands and artists in these troubling times, so tune in this coming Sunday 18th October 2020 via the link above at 8:30pm, to discover us and what our amazing team can do for you.

Secondly, right now you can hear my latest mix competition entry for the TownsendLabs ‘Spell of Love’ Sphere L22 giveaway.

Please visit my Soundcloud to have a listen on the link below.

Please like, share and comment as i would love to know your feedback.

For those wishing to have a go at the competition themselves there is still time to enter via this link https://townsendlabs.com/spell-of-love-halloween-challenge/

@townsendlabs #TownsendLabsSphere #SpellOfLoveChallenge

Third and finally, our next Mix off Monday date will be on Monday the 26th of October 2020 via MarlerAudio’s youtube channel for the first time at @8:00pm BST.

This time Chris, Frank and myself will be showcasing and discussing our entries for the Spell of Love challenge Townsend Labs Sphere L22 competition, so please remember to like our channel, subscribe and hit the bell icon for notifications of when we go live. Remember if you would like to be involved with our Mix off Monday sessions and become a featured artist or producer then please email info@marleraudio.com with the subject line Mix Off Monday.

And thats its for now folks.

Please stay safe and well

All the Best

Marler Audio



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