So where have we been?

Wow ok so thats been one hell of a month away, and boy have i missed it. My apologies for the lack of content. Well you’ll be pleased to know my family and myself survived the dreaded covid and for that i am blessed. Its really not something to be trifled with. I count myself very lucky, and my thoughts are with those who have not been so fortunate.

The uk has just declared christmas has been effectively cancelled. Which i am sure is harsh news for everyone. And in some small way, we would like to bring something positive to you all during these difficult times.

Mix Off Monday Update 21/12/2020

So it is with great happiness and joy that i would like to announce our previous canceled episode of mix of monday with the Clusters of Eyes is going live on this coming monday the 21/12/2020.

All the guys are super excited to be back on the airwaves talking about and sharing our love and passion of music and independent artists with yourselves.

Here is the link to the Marler Audio youtube channel where we host the mix off monday sessions.

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Whats Next?

At this point i would like to thank everyone for there support, well wishes and patience. Here is hoping 2021 is going to be a much better year, for us all.

On that note as a little teaser we will have 2 other episodes. One just before new year with the awesome Carl Street. And the 2nd in the early part of january with the amazing USA band Epic

This episode with epic will be in its name sake epic. As we will be doing a special UK vs USA mix off monday. With another special guest mix engineer, so stay tuned for that, we can not wait….

And so thats about all there is to report at this time. We hope to see many of you on monday evening at around 8PM GMT. For a fabulous time with the outstanding Clusters of Eyes. Presenting their track Era.

Stay safe out there

Marler Audio

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