Merry christmas everyone we hope you had a good one? We are just about over the stuffed feeling…. and are ready to go with our final mix off monday episode of the year.

So why not join us tonight from 8pm GMT where we meet the amazing Carl Street, to discuss his new upcoming album and his track diamonds and pearls, that we have had the pleasure of producing mixing and mastering.

Thats right you heard that correctly we all had a go at putting our own production spin on this one. Carl sent me the track in its raw form which is great and sounds brilliant as it is but we all felt it could do with a little more polish on it so as part of this mix off we all went away and put our own twist on it. So we are looking forward to sharing and discussing these with you later on tonight.

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If we don’t catch you on the live stream we hope you have an amazing new year and may 2021 be better for you all.

Many thanks and happy new year

Marler Audio

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