Hi Im Mark Marler; owner of Marler Audio.
Our goal is to supply a fast, efficient and cost effective way to get your tracks, podcasts, voiceovers and any other audio related requirements to broadcast standard.
Not only do we mix your tracks but we will master them too, and to your preferred music broadcasting medium.
What do we mean by preferred broadcasting medium?

So what experience do i have?

Well i have been playing instruments and trying to make my way in the industry since i was 11.
I did the usual playing in garage bands, pub bands, function bands and had a brief stint as a solo artist.

It was then back in 2006 that i really started to enjoy and wanted to understand what it was i was doing to sound and how best to achieve that polished result.

So in September of 2008 i started a BSc degree in Audio, design and production at the university of Kent. This course really opened my ears and my level of understanding and i graduated in July 2011 with a 2:1.

I then proceeded to start my own live sound and lighting company with an emphasis on live recordings. This company was called marlerPROductions, and i got to work with some great people such as Henning Wehn, Albert lee, Nuru Kane and the BFG, Cocos Lovers, Ash, and many more.

Unfortunately this was right in the midst of the world financial crisis and after 2 years i had to shut down and move onto something a bit more steady financially.
I then started to work for the university of Kent at the Gulbenkian theatre and the Colyer Fergusson Music Hall, where i was a theatre technician.

Here i got to work with the BBC for question time, Turin brakes, Russel Howard, James Kirby and many world premiere theatre productions.

I worked there for 4 very happy years before trying to settle down and have a family with my beautiful wife Hayley Marler, who is the most supportive person i know, (I couldn’t do any of it without her).
So i got a settled job, found a home and had 2 wonderful kids.

I was still dabbling in my old ways and doing bits and pieces with odd bands here and there, but something was missing, a massive part of what makes me well, you know, me!

And so with covid 19 putting the world in a spin and everyone reevaluating their lives, i felt it was time for me to really get back into my passion, and thats cutting my teeth at a mixing desk and making things sound good. And so with that MarlerAudio was born.
I hope you can see from our brief history, that we are passionate about what we do, and what we do is all about you.